5 Large Slasher Shallow Edges


From the get go, the first thing you will notice about the Slasher Shallow Edges is their comfort. It's like riding in a three/four finger Cadillac, you may feel a little desperate... but at least you're comfortable. The Slasher Shallows have a rounded lip so there is no worry of a knife blade cutting into your skin, but this doesn't mean you cant get some purchase. Each hold offers multiple grooves on the lip to help lock your fingers in place. Though good feeling these holds do cause the climber to keep a more open grip, on any overhanging climb its best to move quickly and efficiently. All things considered, these make for a great intermediate hold and will help any climber looking to get stronger reach their goal.

 Dimensions (approx) Suggested Hardware
4.75"x3.5"x1.75" (average size) 5 x 2 inch bolts